01 October 2011 @ 07:34 pm
Alright. It's time to talk comics! More specifically my opinions on the nu!52  
So while I haven't read all 52 of the nu!52 titles DC has done for their relaunch I've read 36 of them. So let's have a nice chat shall we? 

This is... probably going to take a while. 36 titles is a lot to talk about.

ACTION COMICS #1 - I originally really hated the idea behind this comic. Superman in jeans and combat boots? That just sounds really dumb; however, I found it to be a really fun read. I really enjoyed seeing this side of Conner and it made me notice how there really are similarities between Clark and Conner after all. Will certainly read more, but as of ye it's not on my "To buy" list.

ANIMAL MAN #1 - This honestly bored me. I didn't find it interesting, the story to it didn't catch my attention, and the bit about the girl and the dead animals wasn't enough to pique my interest enough to read the second issue. I was told that I'd "Appreciate it more if I read the earlier series" but the point of the reboot was supposed to be about making it accessible to new readers, not making me go dig up some old series I may or may not be interested in just to get interested in a new one. Won't bother with this one again.

AQUAMAN #1 - I almost didn't read this one. After all it's Aquaman who cares, right? Only I found it to be a really enjoyable read. The take on his ability with fish and everything else was well handled and I came out of it seeing an Aquaman who is awesome and most certainly not a joke. Also he's really hot, don't let the cover fool you. It did me and then I got three pages in, saw his face and went "Oh my gods you are a fine piece of manflesh. Why was this hidden from us on the cover?"

BATGIRL #1 - I've never talked about it on here, but I have made a Tumblr post or three talking about why the very concept behind the new Batgirl bothers me. I feel that nu!52 is a sadder place for lack of Oracle in it and I'm really not happy with this decision at all. As someone who struggles with limited mobility and the world "Disabled", it was pretty awesome to see that Oracle was even more awesome ow than she was as Batgirl. And to regress that? Makes me sick to my stomach. That said the story itself was average. The way she froze up was a nice touch; however, I have no intention of picking up this title again. Sorry Gail Simone. I want to support you as the only female writer at the moment, but I don't like batgirl and I'm not interested in Firestorm which is apparently really violent. (Another complaint I'll get too later) Oh yes, and as petty as it might be? Stephanie Brown will always be my Batgirl, I don't care what DC says.

BATMAN #1 - This was an okay comic for me. I liked the technology that was shown and the general writing and art was top notch. What really sold this for me was something I found out about on a friend's Plurk earlier. You see the writer Scott Snyder showed up at her local comic store (LCS in future references)  for discussion, comic signing, and all that good stuff. He was apparently really awesome, apologized about stuff that happened in Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws, talked about how he was going to be creating a new, female membr of the batfamily, and a whole slew of other things. So while this book was only decent for me it's probably going to end up on my "To Buy" list just because I want to support this totally awesome guy. Not to mention new female batfam member? Count me in. (He wanted Cass, but Morrisson has her tied up in Batman INC so he couldn't have her.)

BATMAN & ROBIN #1 - Damian what happened to you? Dick's done wonders for the Littlest Robin and suddenly since Bruce is Batman and his partner he's regressed back to his old habits? Also the bit about Bruce wanting to move past the murder of his parents and wanting to start celebrating how they lived instead seemed really forced to me. I mean where did it come from? I'm totally not buying it even as a newer reader. Also? I really miss Dick as batman already. Though I'm looking forward to glorious shots of his butt as Nightwing in the future

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #1 - Was this title even necessary? There are already three titles that focus on Bruce and Batman. Do we really need a fourth? My answer is no, no we don't. I find this comic boring and I outright laughed at the playboy bunny villain. I mean seriously? Just no.

BATWING #1 - So now we focus on one of the "other Batmen from around the world" which is cool and given that this is about an African Batman it's surprisingly well done. Nothing overtly offensive that I could find. However the gruesome death of an entire building full of cops was just over the top and I won't be reading another issue. I'm not liking how DC is trying to be edgy and grimdark in so many of their titles. Just... ugh no.

BATWOMAN #1 - Ah, fandom's sweetheart title. As someone who knows very little about Batwoman beyond her appearance in pre-reboot Batman and Robin I'm not impressed. Maybe it's just me, but I got "She's totally a lesbian! Did you hear that she's a lesbian?" out of it. Not to mention the art, while impressive bothered me. It's like the only thing we should care about looking at is Batwoman. The scene with her and some other hero-type running along is very telling as Batwoman is very shiny and grabs the attention while the other character is drab and seems hardly shaded. I just didn't like it. Won't be reading more.

BIRDS OF PREY #1 - Boring. Did not catch my interest in the least. Maybe I'm getting too conservative but Starling's behavior just sat weird with me. I want to call her crass, but then I really feel old and stodgey. I doubt I'll bother with a second issue.

BLUE BEETLE #1 - I also saw this as a cry of "Look we're being diverse! Look we're writing about Latinas!". Which is great, I want diversity. This just felt forced somehow. Nothing made me interested to know more so I doubt I'll read more. I might not be familiar with Blue Beetle and the mythos around it, but I've heard enough to be able to mourn what this title could have been if they hadn't erased certain characters out of existence.

CATWOMAN #1 - There are a lot of ways to write a sexually liberated, confident female character. This? Is not how it's done. It took how many pages to just get a shot that wasn't of her T'n'A? Seriously it took like 3-4 pages before we got to see her face. Calling back to my earlier conversation about Scott Snyder? That money page of them having sex was supposed to be pants-less originally. Sure DC, I see how that's a T title and not rated higher... oh wait no I don't.

DEMON KNIGHTS #1 - The first issue didn't really grab my attention, but I've heard good things about this writer from Kyrax2 (aka that Batgirl at ComicCon who kept asking DC "Where are the women?"). Paul Cornell, the writer came up to her and specifically apologized and talked to her about this comic, his vision for it, and about the characters who'd be heavily featured in it. This comic is going to have a strongly female cast and one of them, someone people seem to just refer to as Horsewoman is someone who's apparently paralyzed from the waist down? It hasn't shown up in the first issue as she hardly showed up int eh issue, but I look forward to learning more.

DETECTIVE COMICS #1 - I complained in my blurb about Batwing about my complaint about DC trying to be Edgy and this is a good example of that. That last panel is something that will probably haunt me forever. Just... I did not need to see that. It was gross and just, ugh. I also feel that it pushes on the rated T for Teen rating a little bit.

THE FLASH #1 - The comic wasn't bad even if I find the whole "costume comes out of a ring" thing to be absolutely ridiculous. However, the big problem I have with this one is that I spent the whole time wanting to yell at the comic because "WHY AREN'T YOU WALLY? ;A;". Wally West (and his family by extension) is by far my favorite branch of the Flash family and right now he just... doesn't exist in nu!DC. A fact that I find so very depressing. It's honestly right up there with nu!DC's lack of a certain bb!archer, but I'll get to that later.

GREEN ARROW #1 - The cover is hideous, but the insides aren't so bad. It wasn't super good, but I like it simply because there's nothing about it that makes me dislike it. Pretty bad when I consider buying a book, just because it doesn't make me angry, offended, or upset huh?

GREEN LANTERN #1 - Utterly forgettable. I can't even remember what this one was about. Hang on let me pull up a summary really quick. Couldn't find a summary, but a few words jogged my memory. This is the one where Sinestro is a Green Lantern again, Hal Jordan is ring-less, and is failing at coping at being a normal human again, right? It was an okay read, but certainly nothing that I'm interested in.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1 - So much random, meaningless character death. I hear the GL titles have always been prone to being more gorey though. It was okay, but not interesting.

GREEN LANTERN: THE NEW GUARDIANS #1 - I'm actually going to make a point to read issue #2,if just because I want to know what's going on with the rings and everything. I like the concept of the different ring colors so I'm looking forward to seeing where they run with this.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 - Ah, the book that launched the nu!52. It was okay and I'll be reading the next issue for certain, but I wouldn't call it overly ground breaking. I really wish there were more prominent females in the League titles.

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #1 - I actually thought this was a fun read. I'm still bothered by the way they went out of their way to mock people who had problems with the relaunch though. That wasn't classy at all. I'll still read the next issue, but I doubt this is a long term thing. I like how there's more than one female member in this league.

LEGION LOST #1 and LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1 - Lumping them together since they're apparently about the same characters? There's a huge cast here. I have no idea what's going on or why I should care. I might read more, I might not. It's certainly not a priority. There's a lot of interesting characters here though so I just might.

MEN OF WAR #1 - Skimmed over this. Not a title I'm interested in. End of story.

MISTER TERRIFIC #1 - Another reason I feel DC's trying to wave flags and yell "Look at us we're being diverse!" is this comic right here. Who thought it was a good idea to have the character say "How about thank you black man for saving us from the blah blah blah" or something like that? Because it was really off putting. Also why'd they kill his wife or whatever? That seemed really unnecessary and an awful lot like bad story telling. Just no.

NIGHTWING #1 - Oh Dick Grayson how I love you. I miss you as batman sure, but it's nice to see you as Nightwing again. The finest butt in all of DC can finally stop hiding behind a cape! That said my only big complaint here is "Why red?". Blue is Dick's color. Red is Jason's. That's just how it works. End of story.

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #1 - I really, really wanted to like this comic. I did. The basic idea is great. I want a book about Jason, Roy, and Kori having awesome adventures together. I do. However what I got was "Jason and Roy being bros and Kori being an amnesiac sex fiend". They took an awesome, liberated, female character and stripped her of everything that made her unique and awesome. Now suddenly she doesn't remember any of her friends or teammates and sex is meaningless and not the act of love or affection it was for her before. Just... no. Also the way she's deliberately posing for the viewer's gaze is really offputting. For those who've seen this, did you know her bathing suit was supposed to be transparent originally?

Oh right. I promised to talk about the bb!Archer. Scott Lobdell has said that he has no intention of bringing Lian Harper back. Something that fandom as a whole seems to be really disappointed by. We all love Lian. She's amazing and beautiful and just such a great character. Lobdell went so far as to say that it would be irresponsible for Roy to have her so young. He's either 18 or 19 right now and, for the record, he was 19 when Lian was born originally. Not to mention people are irresponsible sometimes. That's just how life works. Lian was Roy's reason for straightening out his act and to take away all that motivation is dumb. He's got no reason to have gotten clean again and I find it really bad reasoning so far. This comic really can't disgust me any more than it already has. That said... I might still read the next one to see if Lobdell apologizes and fixes it. Might. I dunno

STATIC SHOCK #1 - It was okay? I still like animated Static way better, but this wasn't a bad read. This is how to do diversity. No bells no "Look I'm a black guy" or anything like that. I still miss Gear. Why can't Gear be comics canon and gay? I know he's based off Rick, but it's not the same.

STORMWATCH #1 - I had no idea what was going on and I'm not sure if I care to. It wasn't bad, but meh. Whatever.

SUICIDE SQUAD #1 - I could hardly recognize Harley. What the hell did they do to her? Not to mention how all of a sudden Amanda Waller is this skinny, uninspiring character now. How does this character seem like anyone who would be nicknamed the Wall? Frankly I'm just glad that Young Justice did her proud. I won't be picking up another issue.

SUPERBOY #1 - This was really different from the original Superboy. That said it wasn't bad and I actually enjoyed reading this. In fact it was one of the first titles that I finished and then went onto Plurk to complain about it simply because I wanted more. Which is surprising because this was written by the same guy who wrote Red Hood and the Outlaws. That said. I plan on adding this to my "To Buy" list. Not only because I enjoyed it, but because it ties in with Teen Titans and I know my siblings would enjoy reading it.

SUPERGIRL #1 - I'm a huge fan of Kara-Zor El. I mean all you have to do is look around my journal to see that. I still don't like her new costume what with it's dumb boots and it's high cut leotard look. I still think she looks too much like Powergirl too. That said I really, really enjoyed the first issue and I can't wait for issue #2. They left it at a huge cliffhanger and I NEED TO SEE MORE.

SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF TOMORROW #1 - Clark Kent. The big blue boyscout saying "Bull"? Why are they trying to make him edgy? Not cool. The scene with Lois and her boyfriend was also totally unnecessary. I'm not reading this again anytime soon unless I hear good things.

TEEN TITANS #1 - It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. I hate what they did to Bart. Hate what they did to Cassie, hate Tim's new red robin design. But I'll still buy it because I want to see more. I hope he can balance Cassie out right now, because right now she seems to be heavily on the bitch and lighter on everything else that makes her a unique character.

VOODOO #1 - I'm not sure what I think of this title. It wasn't bad and I might read more, but I'm really not sure how I feel about it yet.

WONDER WOMAN #1 - Not bad, but not mind blowing. I might read more I might not. I'm rather apathetic about this title.

Okay so I ran out of stream there with the last few as it probably shows. But oh well.

So if it's not obvious I actually buy: Supergirl and Teen Titans right now. I'll be adding Superboy and maybe Batman and/or Aquaman to this. Otherwise that's probably it and the only thing I buy is Young Justice which wasn't touched by the reboot
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[identity profile] carameltrap.livejournal.com on October 2nd, 2011 04:11 am (UTC)
I can't imagine a DCU world without Wally. If there's no Wally, then there's no BFF to Dick/Robin.

I don't have a problem if Catwoman chose to be half-dressed some times but not when it's pages of her being undressed and no sight of that face. Same with Starfire and her weird contortions. For crying out loud, these characters don't just pose like that for themselves. They were drawn like that to appease the raging fanboys (fanmen). There is fanservice and there is fanservice.
[identity profile] lumati.livejournal.com on October 2nd, 2011 04:46 am (UTC)
Yeah really. Tim still gets his speedster buddy (Bart), but Dick is just SOL apparently. It's dumb.

Oh no of course not! It's just... the way it's done is clearly not such a thing. The funny thing is that there are plenty of guys who are taking a step back and going "Hey DC. This isn't cool. Stop it."