31 December 2011 @ 11:44 pm
 Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2010 (not including memes of course). Post the first line/sentence of it in your journal, and that's your "Year in Review"

January: As much as I love Rinoa, I've had enough of FF VIII's fandom.
February: Woah. First place for the Sin theme over at [profile] otp20in20?
March: Some of you might remember how about 9 months ago I hopped on a train rather spur of the moment and moved.
April:  ...As if I didn't need further proof of my geek-dom.
May:  Happy birthday to the Seifer to my Rinoa.
June: So since I was bored, I figured I'd at least register at eharmony though I've no real intention of actually using its service. 
July: [No posts this month]
August: I've been meaning to make a couple of posts for... over a week. 
September: Wow. i haven't posted in almost a month again. I suck.
Sorry guys, spend so much time on Plurk and occasional posts on Tumblr that I tend to put off updating here
November: I've been horrible about posting again.
December: Originally posted by [personal profile] boosette at warning: purina pet food has started making pets ill
31 December 2011 @ 11:33 am
First Fandom of 2011:  Star Driver I guess technically it didn't finish it's run until April.
Favorite Main Character of 2011: Tough pick. So now I have to decide between Artemis, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, and Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.. wait no I don't. There I listed there. You can deal meme. 
Favorite Villain of 2011:  I don't really do favorite villains, because I'm a derpy female protag type and as a whole don't like the idea of idolizing bad behavior. Because I need even more shoujo protag tropes in my life, right?
Favorite Video Game Character of 2011: Do my Grey Wardens count? No? Then Alistair.
Favorite Game of 2011: Dragon Age: Origins
Favorite Het Couple of 2011: Artemis/-Insert male teammate here- from Young Justice. No I'm not picking one, because that wouldn't be fair.
Favorite Yuri Couple of 2011: Seven/Sice from Final Fantasy Type-0. Newer ship, but I already ship it like burning. And the game isn't even out in english yet ooops
Favorite Yaoi Couple of 2011:  Apollo/Midnighter from the Authority. No really. (Though Billy/Teddy from Young Avengers is a close second)
Fandom That You Never Expected To Get Into:  DC/Marvel/Comics in general
Fandom That Made An Unexpected Comeback: Soul Calibur. Did not see that love reviving so far and so hard.
Fandom That Inspired The Most Crack: Young Justice, by far. I regret nothing - not bb!Punzel as Wally and Artemis' daughter, not truth or dare leading to makeout lessons between Robin and Artemis, and not hot and gritty aphrodisiac fueled sex between Kaldur and Artemis either.
Last Fandom of 2011: Soul Calibur.
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So, are you excited for the new year?:  Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! COME ON 2012. LET'S GO!
What was your favorite thing about this past year?:  Moving back home again. It hasn't always been good, but hey I get regular meals and have AC/Heat now so I'll take what I can get.
Who was your best friend(s)?: Bubbles and Al and Khalily and Laura and a bunch of people. I love everybody. ;A; 
Did you fall in love this year?:  Since I categorize crushes and love separately, no. Platonically? That's another matter.
Did you get your heart broken?: Nope.
Did you get a new car?: Nope. 
Go somewhere exciting?: I don't call "moving back to Louisiana" as going somewhere exciting, meme.
Did you have a resolution for 2011?: To further fall in love with myself and to learn how to fully ignore haters. Especially people who just hate me for little things like the way that I limp or how my body looks.
Did you dye your hair in 2011?: I started the year with medium dark-ish blonde hair. It's now light blonde. You do the math. :3
Lose any friends in 2011?: I don't think so? I've drifted apart from some, but I wouldn't count that as losing them.
Make any?: [personal profile] serys I guess? We figured out we lived down the street from each other last year, but we never actually got together until this year. 
How much do you think you changed?: Not a whole lot I think? I'd like to think I'm a little happier, maybe a little more mellow. But that could be wishful thinking. I did learn to look to the present and future instead of dwelling on the past, so I guess there's that?
Did you grow any?: I'm still only 5'5". Did you have to rub that in? :(
What month was your birthday?: January. Same as last year and the year before that and the year before that and the... you get my point.
Was it special?: Nope. It was like any other day same as it always is. Oh wait! We went to the store and bought a cake from wal-mart. Does that count? ... There might have been ice cream involved too.
How were you in school?: Nope. I'm too poor and since I owe the one college I can't even get funding now. 
Do anything you regret a lot?: Physically messed around with people I wish I hadn't in retrospect and attempted a really patheti-sad relationship.
Anything you regret NOT doing?: I regret not turning in that job application on time. :(
Was it a leap year?: No.
What are you most thankful for this year?: 3 square meals, a roof over my head, air conditioning, heating, and my (for the most part) continued health as an unemployed, uninsured individual.
Did anyone you love die in 2011?:  No.
How many significant others did you have?: None?
Did you get in trouble a lot?: Nope.
Who are you going to kiss at midnight?: No one. I can kiss you if you want. I have a handy monitor screen here I can pucker up at.
Who do you WANT to kiss at midnight?: ...Sore wa himitsu desu. B/
Who's house are you going to party at?:  I have no idea. 
Going to watch the ball drop on TV?: No.
Will 2012 be better than 2011?: It has to be! Upwards and onwards! This year a new journal-site. Next year a new hometown! May 2012 be the year of new beginnings and new opportunities!
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