28 December 2011 @ 10:16 am
So I'm working on an unofficial [ profile] solo20in20 run largely just because I feel like it. I wanted an excuse to make icons and the unofficial claim post they made yesterday seemed like a good reason to start.

They might not be perfect (in fact at least one of them sucks imho), but I'm having a on of fun making them.

I have a feeling I'm going to end up with a ton of icons that look similar to 8, because for some reason I just really, really like that one. So chances are each of the characters I have saved to my h-drive is going to end up with one.  Maybe I should make that my AC set and make a new 8. Hmmmm.....

So yes. this post was entirely for me to ramble about icons I made last night. XD; See this is why I don't update very often because I have nothing important to say.

Oh! Since I'm moving to DW and all ('Sup LJ people? This is my first crossposted post. Yay) I have a srs bsns question for everyone. I'm (obviously) going to need/want an icon comm here on Dreamwidth. The only question is what do I call it? So if you've got any ideas or suggestions  for what to name my DW Icon comm that'd be awesome.